Telepathology is about communicating pathology images by electronic transmission from one location to another, and in most cases to allow a pathologist to render a diagnosis from a location remote from the specimen and/or the microscope.

Illustration describing the Telepathology project


Telepathology may be used for a number of purposes:

Frozen section service is a quick diagnosis on a stained frozen section of a biopsy while the patient is undergoing surgery. The surgeon awaits the diagnosis before deciding how to proceed with the surgery. This is a frequently used type of application, most often between larger pathology departments and hospitals without resident pathologist. In Second opinion, another pathologist outside the pathology department is called for to give a second opinion or a expert opinion on a case. Clinical-pathological conferences is meetings between the pathologists and the clinicians, where the pathologist demonstrate and discuss a diagnosis with the clinical team responsible for treating the patient.

Our Projects and systems

We have developed a number of different applications for telepathology during the last 20 years, involving everything from mobil phones to robotic systems communication over satellite links.

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