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2D Ploidy

Calculating DNA Ploidy in 2D sections

The ICGI is developing a method to estimate the DNA ploidy in histological routine sections specifically stained for DNA.

This is challenging for two reasons: in the tissue, the nucleus can be obscured by cells above, around or underneath it in the visual plane, and in sections, the nuclei may be cut and hence no longer contain the full amount of DNA.

We utilize mathematical models to estimate the true DNA content. In tissues with more or less spherical nuclei, such as in prostate tissue, the mathematical modeling works very well. The results of parallel analysis of DNA ploidy in monolayers vs. sections prepared from the same area shows almost 100% correlation when comparing diploid vs. non-diploid classifications. The challenge is partly to distinguish between tetraploid and aneuploid samples in sections, and to develop mathematical models that work equally well with non-spherical nuclei.

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